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Infrared Thermometer PCE-PI 200
Infrared Thermometer PCE-PI 200
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09 Mar 2020
United Kingdom
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Infrared Thermometer with BI-SPECTRAL technology / infrared camera recording in real-time with up to 128 Hz / Simultaneous real-time recordings with up to 32 Hz/ 
compact design / high sensitivity causing detailed images

The thermal imaging camera PCE-PI-200 is a fully radiometric operating infrared camera system to capture and display thermal images and thermal profiles of objects. The thermal camera PCE-PI-200 incorporates latest technology due to an USB 2.0 interface that allows a real-time thermal imaging with 128 images per second and simultaneous real time images with 32 HZ as well as stationary and portable operation that is very well priced. The images can be archived as snap shots or as video sequences.


The thermal camera PCE-PI-200 is equipped with a small bolometer (UFPA) with 160 x 120 pixels and 25 x 25 ┬Ám pixel size. The high thermal sensitivity allows capturing finest detials. The thermal camera PCE-PI-200 is therefore the ideal equipment in areas of research and development, check points, process automation or for general portable tasks. Via an USB cable the thermal camera can be connected to a computer and be read-out without further ado. The temperature data of the thermal camera will be transferred as a thermal image to the provided software PCE-PI Connect. Based on PI-SPECTRAL technology the real-time picture can be recorded through a visual channel as a real image (VIS) combined with a thermal image (IR) simultaneously. The software also allows remote-controlling the camera. Furthermore the camera features a line scan camera function allowing to monitor moving objects during processing.


With a weight of only 250 g the thermal camera PCE-PI-200 has a very light and compact design without comparison. Combined with a tablet PC the thermal camera can be also applied for precautious maintenance or thermal imaging premises'. Thus the thermal camera combines portable and compact application with stationary operation. Some of the application ranges are e.g. electronic development, process controlling during extruding, process controlling during calendaring or development  and processing of solar technology, LCD flat screens or any other electronic equipment as well as the development of mechanical parts etc. Depending on its operational purpose there are various kinds of objectives are purchasable that are listed below with their serial number.

- Well priced item
- BI-SPECTRAL technology 
- Infrared imaging in real time with up to 80 Hz
- Simultaneous real-time imaging 
- Detailed imaging due to high sensitivity
- Compact design
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